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These personal stories will show you how you are not alone with your OCHoarding. They are subdivided into stories from people who Hoard and stories from people who know someone who Hoards to make it easier for the readers. Both sides of the problem may contribute to a better understanding of a highly misunderstood diosrder.

List of all Personal Stories.

Stories of Those Who Hoard.
A Woman of 26.
I Just Realized I Am a Recovering Hoarder.
Tim's Story.
About My Late Father...
The Recovering of a Hoarder.
Difficult Childhood.

Stories of Those Who Know Someone Who Hoards.
Bills& Mail.
My Father Hoards.
My Husband Hoards.
Animal Hoarding.
Family of people with OCD.
Adopted By Hoarders.
My Mother Saves Sentimental Items.

All Stories you find on the UOCHD Site are added with the permission of their respective authors. Third parties have no right to copy any parts of these stories without this permission.

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